Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Melting Chocolate not Melting Down

Kev was running out for a late night errand.

No, not to satisfy a pregnancy craving, instead to pick up a medication.

Still awake and always eager to spend time with his Dad, Jay asked to tag along.

Just as they left, I asked them to also grab a Mounds bar.

All was great until they discovered that particular store did not have any Mounds bars.

As is common for many on the autism spectrum, Jay does not handle this sort of "change of plans" well. 

He insisted that Dad drive to a different store.

It was well past Dad's bed time, patience was running thin and going all over to get something that was not a necessity was just not going to fly with him.

Kev's solution was simple and perfectly reasonable, grab a couple of other types of candy bars and call it good.

Simple and reasonable doesn't matter for a kiddo that has a specific request in his mind.  To him, anything less than what I asked for was not acceptable.  There is no room for an alternative.  I didn't say "grab a candy bar too, please."  I asked for a Mounds bar.  Nothing else was gonna do.

Jay started to become visibly and vocally upset. 

It was late, he was tired, things were not going the way he expected, Dad was also frustrated...

This had the potential to escalate into a really bad situation quickly.

Then something happened.


Not a baby step either.  A giant leap.

Jay was still upset, but he was able to stop in the moment and problem solve.

"I'll make my own Mounds bar."

and so he did.

Initially, he thought he'd just melt a peppermint patty in the microwave and add coconut to it.

On second thought, he decided he should go to the internet and find a recipe.

At nearly 1am, he tiptoed into my bedroom, jolted me awake (by asking if I was awake) and held out his surprise for me to try.

I'm not sure it tasted much like a real Mounds bar.

The progress behind it though?

Yeah, that makes it taste a MILLION times better than the best chocolate on earth.

I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the meltdowns, the inability to switch gears and go with plan B or a number of other struggles.

I'm equally sure that amongst those moments, we will continue to see times of progress and nothing could be sweeter!


  1. Aw, man, you needed to put a tissue warning on this! I love that boy and his ingenuity! Ok, maybe not the waking-mama-at-1AM so much, but still...

    Way to go, J!

  2. looks good, save me a piece....nana