Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bedtime Games

The end of the day, particularly the bedtime routine is often a very difficult part of our day for a myriad of reasons.

When dad works late and isn't home, the routine is disrupted and that makes it harder.

Then, there are nights like tonight that are truly a gift.

At the end of a long difficult day (after a string of long difficult days), I expected a rough bedtime routine when Dad had to head back out just before bedtime for another job.

Instead of the anxiety, tears, stall tactics and just general unpleasantness I expected, there was this...

A fun game with no tears, much laughter, no anger over losing and two sweet boys that immediately and obediently went right to bed afterward.

Those that know Aaron well, know that he LOVES games.   He spent his entire afternoon creating this game with numbers and the alphabet to play with Parker.

It would have been so easy at 8pm to say "Nope. We'll play it tomorrow, it's bedtime."

Sometimes the clock doesn't matter and a delayed bedtime won't end the world.

Sometimes the fun in the moment is far more important than the pictures to savor the moment.  Sometimes promising to take pictures "only of your hands" is better than trying yet again to "help" your child get over his "issue" with having his picture taken.

Sometimes choosing to give just a tiny bit more of yourself when you are really ready to be done for the day will turn out to bless you more than you could have imagined.

Sometimes when you look back on a day, you can sum it all up with one word...


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  1. You are such an amazing mom, Kelly!