Thursday, February 14, 2013


Love is...

...making cupcakes for your family.

...making Mommy laugh at the end of a long day by doing your own version of "Gagnam Style" complete with slicked back hair...and then letting her take a picture.

...nose rubbies.

 up your phone so a certain son could use it to take nearly 200 photos of his hotwheels cars.

...always looking for a reason to celebrate, even when it means rooting for a football team you don't usually support.

...letting mommy rest and surprising her by working together to prepare dinner.

...everyone chipping in to get the work done.

 our time and talents to bless others.

...the sound of laughter as it fills our home and warms our hearts.

...going to the grocery store late at night after a long day of work so your wife doesn't have to and then finding the perfect sweet potato for her.

...making a Valentine's Day card for your family and being sure to include a heart for the baby on the way.

Love is five children who believe the best thing in the world would be that they become six.

Love is believing there is always room for one more and that another baby doesn't divide the love, it multiplies it.

Love is seeing your children's reactions to the news that a new baby will join your family in September.

 **For those that don't know Rocklin well, his reaction was very characteristic of him.  He's not a man of many words and definitely not the jump around in front of the camera type.  However, I assure you he is every bit as excited as his siblings.


  1. Awesome post as always Kelly and the video at the end was awesome!


  2. What a wonderful displays of love.


  3. Kelly, I finally took the time to read this whole post and it is beautiful!! Tell Mag I love her cupcakes! She told me about them today, so it was fun to see the picture. And the sweet potato that Kevin brought home- now that is sweet! :-) Thanks for sharing this. Your home is full of much LOVE, and I'm blessed to see how God has blessed you!!

  4. Sweet fun to read. Gotta say, usually the kids steal the blog show, but that heart shaped sweet potato certainly stood out on a post about love!! LOL!!! Blessings, Jennifer